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The Essentials of Music Social Media Marketing

We know you have a Facebook and Twitter, and while you may have 400, 4000 or 400,000 likes and followers it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an effective social media marketing plan. By outlining your own basic plan, from whatever level you’re at you will see a dramatic increase in reach and interaction.

1. Secure Your Username and Create Your Page

Make sure you have established profiles on the “big five?? social networks for musicians.


Facebook (verify your URL by clicking here)



Instagram (Check our Instagram Tips here)

Make sure you claim your usernames on as many social media sites as you can and try and keep them the same or similar, even if you don’t plan on using them. It stops duplicates popping up and creating confusion, so head to these sites if you haven’t already and claim that URL; Instagram, LinkedIn, NewMyspace, Bandcamp, Tumblr &

2. Listen & Connect

Obviously. You know how it works, start reaching out, don’t push yourself onto people, but listen, connect and create a conversation. Struggling? Then use the search functions to find relevant and interesting conversation, but don’t spam.

Twitter Search - Type in keywords or use hashtags to see what people are saying about certain subjects. Try it with your band name, might find a fan you didn’t know was there.

Facebook Search (Graph Search) - Facebook’s recent announcement has introduced a more detailed search function, so you can see how many people in a certain area “like?? alternative rock or UK Grime. Then you can tailor your Facebook Ads to target those people.

Pinterest Search - You can search thousands of boards to find relevant and interesting content, you’ll know what your fans like so make sure it’s interesting for them as well as you.

Build your contacts on these sites, don’t just head straight into dialogue, especially if you’re only going to talk about yourself. If you can add something to the conversation, then yeah, jump on in.

3. Start A Band Blog

I know, as soon as you see the word blog you think “argh, too time consuming?? but they don’t have to be. Your band blog can be a weekly update on what you’re doing. It can even be monthly, if you don’t think you can commit that time. Don’t just write about yourself, but write about what interests you and your fans. You’ll put across more of your character as a band this way. Use any of these good blogging sites; Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger.

4. Share Your Content

Content not only builds a following but helps keep it. There are loads of ways to create content, which you can then share across the networks you’ve set up. Here are a few examples:

Your own blog posts

Interesting articles (link the author or person who passed it to you)

Photo’s of you & your band life (Check our Instagram Tips here)

Live videos/streaming sessions


Your opinion

DON’T post:


Your own lyrics

Links without accompanying text

"RT #TeamFollowBack"

5. Keep At It

Building a large and interactive following takes time, you won’t see results straight away so you need to keep at it.

To ensure you don’t fall behind, set daily tasks; as a band “like?? and respond to fans on Facebook. “Like?? other people’s content on Facebook as well. Mention, reply and retweet fans on Twitter, as well as reaching out to others, etc. If you’re a band then split the duties between you, it is difficult to maintain an interactive online presence for just one person.

6. Measure and Analyse

This is all pointless unless you are measuring and analysing your presence. Various platforms have tools for doing this.

Facebook Insights - In the admin panel on your Facebook Page you can see how individual posts perform, how many people they reach, how many fans click, the age and location of your audience, etc. If your posts are failing you know to change your tactics (Hint: images and posts with 150 - 160 characters perform best)

Twitter - Twitter’s own analytics are lacking really but you can use dashboards like Hootsuite to analyse and measure all the accounts you run. If not there are a number of apps you can use online, just sign in with your Twitter account and see your statistics; FollowerWonk, TweepsMap.

Pinterest - &nbs
p;Use PinReach to analyse your Pinterest account, it includes; repins, likes and followers. It also tells you about your followers and who is most your influential.

7. Be Open To Change

Some of these won’t work for you, so you need to adapt to what does and what doesn’t. Similarly you need to be constantly on the look out for new social trends, what are you followers using, how are they connecting. Are they connecting with your content? If no, then change how you approach it and them.

Had success with your own Social Media Marketing Plan? Let us know!