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Support Community Radio In Australia

The federal government is at it again. First they announce cuts to the incredible team over at Sounds Australia, and now they have announced funding cuts of $1.4 million per year for community radio.

Our friends at AMRAP (The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project), sent a call out to Aussie musicians asking them to take selfies of themselves with the hashtag #KeepCommunityRadio and urging fans and music lovers to sign the petition here:


We at Ditto Music cannot stress the importance of community radio here in Australia as a platform for launching some of our best emerging artists. As a partner of AMRAP’s AIRIT, Ditto Music regularly recommend our Aussie artists sign up to the service to get their music out to community radio. This has been the springboard for a number of our most talked about artists.


So far the response to AMRAP’s #KeepCommunityRadio campaign has been incredible, with the Greens and Labor parties both listening to the outcry and promising to restore funding to community radio if elected.


If you believe in community radio please get your selfie sticks out, write #KeepCommunityRadio on a sheet of A4 paper, take a snap, upload it to all your socials and remember to add the hashtag in the caption section.

Damn the man! Save community radio!