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Sterling Silver Releases New Single

Sterling Silver talks to us about his new single, bringing back old school house and rubs Queensland's warm weather in our Melbourne office's faces.


Firstly, a big congrats on your new single 'Closer To Me', it's got a real old school house vibe. Is that what you were going for or did it just turn out that way as the track came together? Were the any major inspirations behind the writing of the track?

I grew up listening to a lot of 80s Funk and Disco as well as 90s house from people like Derrick Carter, Frankie Knuckles and some of MK’s earlier stuff - so its something that sorta came pretty naturally to me. Although I think one of the main inspirations for this track was Ce Ce Peniston’s tune “Finally” - it was my first taste of that kind of groove and piano house vibe. At an early age, my dad used to play it on the decks at home and it stuck with me ever since.


You're usually known for your remixes that include reworks of tracks by the likes of Tyler Touché, Young Franco and Craig David, but you haven't done an original track in a while, why so long? What made you step away from remixing to focus on your own jams?

I think when you’re working on your own tunes you definitely feel a lot more attached to them and you sort of end up holding on to them as long as you can before you let them out into the world. With remixes, they’re usually more timeline focused because there’s other artists involved. With your own stuff though, you always spend the time to make it all sound right. Rest assured though, there’s definitely more tunes on the way!


When can we expect some more originals? Any plans to release an EP or album in the near future?

I’m looking to release another single in the next coming months and an EP towards the end of the year which I am so excited about.


It's bloody cold here in Melbourne, but 'Closer To Me' makes me long for the summer, was this just to tease us?

Coming from Queensland, we don’t really get the whole “winter” thing. It’s definitely a summer vibe here most of the year so I guess my music will always probably represent that. No offense!


We need a good ol' boogie to help us warm up during this Antarctic Vortex, where can we catch you live?
I’m doing a series of shows with a bunch of acts under the “Mutual Friends” banner, presented by Purple Sneakers and Oxjam. There’s gonna some awesome producers and artists including Feki, Gill Bates, DJ Butcher, Tigerilla and Lojack who I’m so stoked to play alongside. We’re doing Sydney at The World Bar on 14 August and Brisbane at the TBC Club on 28 August.


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