19 Aug 2015

Start-up loan for your record label


Record Label In A Box access to start-up loans


Ten years ago when Ditto began as a record label releasing local music the main stumbling block was lack of investment funds.  It was the same in the 1950’s, its the same today.  A record label is a business and needs funds to move forward.  So we looked at all the options available for record labels.  Standard funding is not always accessible for creative companies, most banks just look at the balance sheet.  So we wanted to develop an option that would offer funds but also help labels learn the basics of business.  How to write a business plan, cash flow, P&L - all the things no one else teaches you - and use that knowledge to invest securely and intelligently.


We have partnered with a few trusted sources that specialise in mentoring music companies to get the business of business sorted out and a healthy cash investment into your label.  From there you will have funds for promotion, touring, marketing etc along with the guidance every step of the way.