30 Jul 2020

Spotify Pre-Save Campaigns: How to Get More Streams


Never underestimate the power of a well-executed pre-save campaign. Racking up pre-saves on Spotify (and other platforms like Apple Music & Tidal) can give your track the huge release day boost it needs to snowball into further success.



Spotify Pre-Saves Explained


Let’s take a look at why pre-saves are so important, how artists can get their pre-save links through Ditto Music and how to get more fans to pre-save your music.


Why are pre-saves important?

When a fan pre-saves your release, it’ll automatically appear in their Spotify, Apple Music and/or Tidal library on the day it drops.


Here’s why pre-saves should be a key part of your release strategy.

- Guarantees your fans see it in their music library from day one.

- Helps to get a high stream count early on to build momentum.

- Makes sure your music lands on Release Radar playlists.

- Boosts your chances of getting into other algorithmic & editorial playlists.


One of the biggest contributing factors to landing playlist features is your stream-to-engagement ratio.

That means it’s more than just your stream count that matters. 

Spotify’s algorithm and playlist editors are looking for tracks which users are saving to their libraries and adding to their own personal playlists, not just streaming once or twice & forgetting about.

The first 24 hours after your release drops is a crucial time period. If Spotify see’s a spike in activity around your release on day one - it’s more likely to take notice.

In short - the more pre-saves your track gets, the more clout it has on Spotify.

If you’d like some more in-depth info around this, you can follow these links to learn more about how Spotify's algorithm works and getting your music on Discover Weekly.

How to find your pre-save links

It’s really easy to get hold of pre-save links for Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. Here’s how:


1. Release your music to Spotify, Apple Music & Tidal through Ditto.

2. Log in to your Ditto account & head to 'My Releases’.

3. Select 'View SmartLink' next to the release in question.




And there it is! All your pre-save links in one place. You can learn more about Ditto SmartLinks here.

How to get more pre-saves

Upload your music well in advance of your release date

The more time you allow before your release date, the more time you’ll have to plug your pre-save links.

Ideally, you should try to get your music into Spotify's system around 4-6 weeks before your release date.

This also gives plenty of time for it to be approved and accepted by Spotify. Then once it’s approved, you’ll receive your SmartLink. 

That’s your cue to start your pre-save campaign and pitch for playlists through Spotify for Artists!


Plan a pre-save promo campaign

Your pre-save link should be the main focus of your promo campaign in the run-up to your release date.

Share teasers, acoustic performances and other sneak peaks of your track alongside your pre-save link, encouraging all your fans to hit pre-save and listen on repeat when release day arrives.

If you need a little help organising your promo campaign, you can download our social media campaign planner here.


Share your links everywhere

Whenever and wherever you post about your upcoming release, make sure your pre-save links are included. 

You can get bonus points from Spotify’s algorithm when you bring in listeners from “off-platform”, so whether you’re posting on Insta, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else, get sharing and drive fans to your pre-saves.


Reward fans when they pre-save

Sometimes fans need a little motivation to take action!

So why not give away exclusive prizes to one or all of the people who pre-save or pre-order your release?

You could give away free merch, free downloads or even tickets to your next show to people who save your track in advance. Incentives and competition are a great way to get people’s attention and engagement, especially across social media.


Have you had success with a pre-save promo campaign? Or have any tips for other artists trying to plug their pre-save link? Let us know in the comments below.