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South Australia opportunity: Funding For Recording

 Looking for support for recording your material? The final funding round for funding from up to $10,000 from ARTS SA is open. Coming up with the funds for studio time can be tough for independeent artists. So here is a great opportunity for Musicians in South Australia, to get a helping hand.

Local musicians are abloe to apply to Arst SA for funding to help them record their music, or film a music video. The final funding round for recording artist developmment grant is open, but will be closing soon!


To be eligible you must be a South Australian based musician or, a music industry representative that is creating or working with South Australian music (of any genre).


Applicants applying for funding to record music, need to submit in a demo. This needs to showcase at least 80% of the material you intend to record.


Applicants wishing to apply for funding for a music video, must submit the music in which the video is for.


Applications close 03 November 2014


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(Written by Vader Fame)