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SoundExchange Releases List of Artists & Labels Owed Tens of Millions of Unclaimed Royalties.

SoundExchange have released a list of 50,000+ artist and label names who are owed tens of millions of dollars in royalty payments. The list includes $31 million of royalties that have remained unclaimed over the past decade, ranging from $10 to more than $100,000.
SoundExchange President Michael Huppe said “The digital music industry is continuing to grow, providing recording artists and record labels with an increasingly beneficial revenue stream. We are doing everything possible to make sure artists know that and capitalize on it.??
SoundExchange, it is a nonprofit organization which collects and distributes royalties for sound recordings streamed on Internet radio, satellite radio and cable music services. SoundExchange as the only entity in the United States to collect and distribute these digital performance royalties for featured recording artists and master rights owners.
“We want to get the money out of our bank account and into theirs – plain and simple,?? added Huppe.
Are you on the list? To find out you can use SoundExchange's searchable database located on their website to learn more and register to claim your share.