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Sorrel Nation Interview

UK born, Australia based, Sorrel Nation is someone you need to put on your radar. Her EP 'Kids On The Run' recently debuted at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts, so you could say she's kinda killing it!


Your debut EP ‘Kids On The Run’ is out now, what can listeners expect?


I'm just hoping listeners are gonna love these tracks as much as I do. Every track has a story behind it, from a point in my life over the past few years. I think the EP is fairly 'feel good', with tracks like ‘Kids On The Run’ and ‘A Day In Our Life’ giving us those summer feels... The other two tracks are raw and heartfelt, and I'm sure many can relate to the lyrics. I’m just so excited to hear listeners opinions... exciting times!!

This EP was produced by Ian Barter, who's previously worked with artists such as Paloma Faith and the late Amy Winehouse. What's the story behind Ian producing ‘Kids On The Run?

I was put in touch with Ian through my agent at the time, we sent him my demo's which I had recorded on my iPad haha, and he loved them!! Next thing you know, I'm in his garden shed, fitted out with an amazing recording studio, recording the tracks and shooting the music video for ‘Watch Me As I Go’, in the fields behind his house in Reading, UK. He's a fantastic guy to work with, and his family are wonderful hosts - it felt like such an honour to work with him and it all just fell together so beautifully. He had the same visions as I for how we wanted the tracks to sound, and the work he did was pure magic.

You recently released the music video for your first single 'Watch Me As I Go", what were the themes you wanted to explore in this clip?

The music video was actually shot over a year, the first scenes filmed behind Ian’s house just weeks before I left the UK to move to Aus... I had a fantastic director/camera man, Martin Gooch, and help from my team at the time. We wanted the video to show the two sides of myself... the country girl who loves the outdoors, but who loves to get glammed up and rock out haha. The black and white parts of the video were shot in London last year - I'm super happy with the result but it’s still surreal seeing myself in a music video!!



How did your move to Australia influence your music?

Moving to Aus influenced my music massively, not only in the songs and lyrics but also the style of music and my artist influences. The lyrics of course are about moving away from home, falling in love, travelling the world, "chasing the sun", but Aus has so many incredible singer songwriters that it’s hard not to be influenced by such amazing talent. My favourites being Angus & Julia Stone, The Preachers, Ali Barter etc... plus I met the incredible team at Ditto in Melbourne who have worked their magic for me! Thanks guys and gals!

What are your plans for the rest of 2016, anything you can let us in on?


I have some exciting gigs coming up this year... Some Sydney & Melbourne shows - all will be announced on my Facebook page. I'm also planning a trip home to catch up with friends and family, celebrate my EP release and squeeze in some of my favourite London shows... keep your ears and eyes peeled! 2016 is proving to be an exceptionally cool year.


Get 'Kids On The Run' on iTunes now!