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Songkick Launches 'Tourbox'

Easily Publish Your Tour Dates Everywhere

Touring today is one the most important revenue streams to an independent artist, and therefore it is imperative to ensure your dates are posted accurately and in the correct places to ensure maximum audience reach is achieved. There are a number of services that can help you do this, however they can often be frustrating especially when it comes to managing multiple platforms, but now Songkick has launched "Tourbox" to make things a little easier.
b>Tourbox is a widget tool that connects to an artist's Facebook page and then automatically publishes the tour dates you add here out across platforms like Youtube, Soundcloud, Tumblr, VEVO, Spotify, Bandcamp, Foursquare, The Hype Machine and more. It gives the artist full control of where the information is going so you can easily manage multiple platforms.
The tool accesses data from ticketing companies and promoters who will even send out announcements of cancellations and rescheduled events and from a fans points of view, according to Songkick those who downloaded their app attended twice as many gigs as they did before a year prior.