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Set Up The New Facebook Timeline Feature In Under 2 Minutes

Does your facebook profile page look like this?


If not, you aren't using the brand new Facebook Timeline feature.
Facebook timeline is an exciting new layout.
This blog teaches you how to set up Facebook Timeline in under two minutes.

1. Create An App


Don't worry, this is easier than it sounds. Just head to this link and click on "create a new app"

2. Name Your App


You can call it anything. I suggest using your name and then app. I have used 'leeparsonsapp.'
If your name is Brian James then name the app 'brianjamesapp'. Tick "agree" and click continue.
You have now created a Facebook app.

3. Head To Open Graph

Go to the left hand menu and click "open graph.' You are nearly done.

4. Give Your App A Function


Your app needs a function. This can be anything at all from the drop down menu. I have chosen "read a book."

5. Head Back To Your Facebook Profile page

You will be prompted to install new Facebook in around 1 minute. That's it, DONE.

So what do you think of the new Facebook Timeline Feature?