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Sell My Music On Pre-Release

How Can I sell My Music On Pre Release?

So what is pre-release?

As with most digital music sales, it represents the physical music experience. It’s the equivalent of you going into your local record shop, throwing some cash down on the counter and reserving your favourite band’s new album/single/ep. You come back on/after release date and it’s yours. There are no time-restrictions for pre-release. It can be weeks, months or even years if you wish. Ditto Music are the ONLY Independent distributor in the world to offer pre-release. We’ve had 11 UK Top 40 hits and nearly all have used our pre-release service when selling music on itunesa> and online.

What can Ditto Music Pre-Release 2.0 offer me?

The new Pre-Release 2.0 package gives you all the tools to manage an effective pre-release campaign with everything in place for success. Receive next-day sales data on-demand with full fan postcodes and full weekly reports to your inbox. This provides a great marketing resource as you can track your release’s progress and find what PR/shows are working and which are not. Find out which locations you are selling in or not and structure your campaign accordingly. Pre-release puts your music on iTunes (4-track minimum), HMV, and Amazon. Sales data from iTunes.

How does pre-release work?

Your fans purchase the pre-release online and get sent a reminder and download link on release date. The tracks can not be downloaded before the date and the money is charged on release day. This is partially for chart compliance, to make sure it counts toward the right chart week.

Why do I need pre-release?

More sales, more money, more chart points, more control. We at Ditto Music have had 11 UK Top 40 hits with unsigned bands over the last few years (there have only ever been 11). Nearly all have used pre-release as part of their marketing campaign. Ditto Music give you weekly sales and anytime-updates on-demand including sales units and fan postcodes.

How do I run an effective pre-release campaign?

Give yourself at least 6 weeks lead-time. This is normal for your PR anyway. Put the release on pre-release ASAP (why wait?) and start building hype. Over those weeks you will be running various PR events and you can monitor which are working for you and which are not. Tailor your campaign as you go using the marketing data to maximize impact.nbsp;

There will be further blogs with loads of tips and ideas for getting the most out your pre-release period.