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Be on the Scene Social - UK Bands Don't Miss This!

Our friends at Be on the Scene Social are always doing great things to educate, connect and empower bands and people in the music industry. Their next event is coming up and seriously, you shouldn't miss it!




Details below!

Be On the Scene Social! Tuesday 29th July 5pm @ Zebrano,18 Greek St, London W1D 4DS. 

A chance for partners and artists to share ideas, network and learn more about each other. 

We invite partners to present their company to the members and fellow business owners in a short 5 minute slot. Over time, this can be a great way to present upcoming projects, features, ideas, etc as you all get to know each other more.

Discussions and Q&A followed by a few drinks. This will precede our Open Mic night which artists and partners are invited to attend, see artists in action and get to know everyone a little more informally.

The BOTS team are on hand to help members introduce themselves to partners and vice versa. 

This will be offered to all our members - with both Premium and Standard subscriptions. 


Check out the Be on the Scene website here: