15 Sep 2016

SAIN Interview: Meet the Artist Making Independent Hip-Hop in Dubai


At Ditto Music we love nothing more helping independent artists get the word out about their music and make a bigger impact across the industry. We caught up with Dubai-based rapper and Ditto artist SAIN to talk about his influences and origins, and review how Ditto Music has supported his career so far, helping him sell more music and reach new fans across the world.




Watch the interview above or read on to see what SAIN had to say: 


"I was born in Miami. I moved out of Miami when I was really young, all the way out to Dubai. And fast-forward to when the music started, we created a group that went by the name of Lyrically Insane, went to a friend's house. We bought a $35 mic right before that. And when we got there, we went and recorded our first song. And that's when it began, you know. We started off as a group, and we parted ways. He's a comedian now. He doesn't even make music like that. So, yeah, that's when it started."

"I was influenced by a lot of people, especially people back in the '90s. You know, I was influenced by a lot of rap artists back in the '90s like 2pac, Naughty By Nature, Onyx, the whole old school, because my older brother used to listen to that stuff. So he fed that stuff into my brain. Literally, like I was being forced into it. And as I grew older, the people that made me want to make music in general were, you know, 50 Cent and The Game when they got together. That's what made me want to make music, the whole G-Unit and Black Wall Street thing."

"I mean I have to sound unique, you know, because of where I come from. I mean, you can't sound the same as whoever's already in the market, because you're new. You know, you got to sound different. You don't have the privilege of following a certain trend. I live in a city that's very well-known. And everything's doing well but music. You're left to fend for yourself, and all you have is the Internet. That's the only platform we have, so... you know. And I'm just there to take advantage of that through an international aspect rather than having, you know, things go on locally like a lot of artists from that particular region do. I want to have this music go out to the world so they could see that, oh, okay, we have an understanding of how they really live. And this is their story."



"What happened was I was looking into distribution companies in general. I was looking for a company that could basically do PR and marketing. And I looked at a lot of reviews. And the best company that came in mind was Ditto Music. I looked into it, and I was like "These guys worked with some pretty big names. And I like to have my international career start from here, with these guys right here, so that we can have something going”. And I look at that and there's something that, you know, would be a longstanding relationship in general."

"The expectations were pretty low on my side because I didn't feel like I was that ready. You know, that's how all artists feel. You don't feel like you're ready in the beginning. You know, you're a little worried and aggravated. You're like "Maybe this is gonna to work. Maybe it's not gonna work." But what I liked about the whole process was that there were guidelines and those dates that they put down, you know, like this is what we're gonna be doing in this week. This is what we're gonna be doing, you know, two weeks from now. On a particular date, we're gonna be doing this. On a particular date, I mean if you shot an "in the making of" video, we'll put it out on this particular date. And you had all that set up within a calendar. And that makes you feel a little more relaxed. You're like "Okay, if I didn't do that, I could work on that now. We got two weeks. And we could have that happen later on." And that's what I liked about it. You know, the ideas were there. And that made me feel way more comfortable than just being thrown out in the cold, you know?"

"Ditto helped my career a lot. I'm definitely getting a lot of recognition from people from the outside. And, you know, that's what the main aim was. And I'm also getting a lot of people from the region itself starting to recognize the fact that, oh, this guy is doing something outside. And it's time to follow up on that. You know, they're keeping all the eyes on the fact that I'm working with different platforms from the outside rather than whatever is in the region only. And that's helping me a lot."


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