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Running Touch Is One To Watch In 2016

Featuring on a number of 'artists to watch in 2016' lists, Running Touch recently released his debut single, ‘Courtesy Of’, through Ditto Music. We are so happy with the reception that we wanted to hear about how it all happened.


At only 21 you have already built up quite a name for yourself in the blogosphere; why do you think your music resonates with these channels?

I’m not quite sure. I think it’s the disregard for validation that ultimately hands you your biggest favour in music. The more honest you are, the more likely you are to pioneer something! And eureka! Traction. So in saying that, I’d say I try to work toward that kind of mentality. 


You speak about wanting “to change the way the world thinks of dance music by defining genres and breaking boundaries of what is considered to be, and understood as normal.” Can you explain a bit more about what this means? Do you feel the dance genre is too segmented into sub-genres?


I think there is a format and expectation within the electronic community, which can often create an all-too-stagnant and uneventful atmosphere in terms of experimentalism. It’s up to the artist to make sure that’s always exciting, and exciting to me to ingenuity... change. Tossing away limitations and re-activeness when releasing music can work toward some really unique music culture.


You recently played the Beyond The Valley festival alongside a number of other Ditto artists including Feki, Juńor, Alex Lahey and Chris Watts. Tell us a bit about that experience. Was this one of the bigger crowds you’ve played to? 


It was incredible, not even just playing, just the overall experience, seeing how the festival has grown and how much they’ve improved every aspect. It’s great to see people really put in the work to make a music gathering something really special! Playing was of course insane too. Amazing crowd. Definitely my favourite and biggest gig to date!



You often hear people within the rock world saying that ‘dance music isn’t music because you don’t play instruments’. Obviously this has changed over the years, and you are a multi-instrumentalist yourself, so what would you say to people with that opinion?


I think even the sample-pad/drum machine based EDM instrumentalist is a different breed. So I can see why even THAT is open to criticism. I’d probably tell them to go try out Ableton and realise that even making the simplest of house music is a fine-tuned skill in itself.


Richard Kingsmill premiered your latest single, ‘Courtesy Of’, on Triple J, which is a super big deal! Where do you go from here? What’s the plan for the rest of 2016? 


I know! Amazing. Richard and Triple J for that matter have been a huge part of this project. Huge thanks goes out to those guys… always. The plan is to put out as much music and play as many shows as I possibly can and just enjoy the journey as I go. 


'Courtesy Of' is now available on iTunes and Spotify!