18 Aug 2016

RLIAB Success Story: Above Reality Records


Record Label in a Box is helping people all over the world with a passion for music set up and run their own successful label, sign new artists and begin their career in the music industry. Here’s yet another RLIAB success story, which we hope will inspire and inform a new wave of record label owners!

 Above Reality Record


Above Reality Records was established by Chris Leyda (aka Spyder) through Ditto Music’s Record Label in a Box, and has gone on to achieve great things in the industry. Chris has deep roots in the hip-hop community, working as a producer, DJ, writer, singer and rapper. He’s since used this knowledge and experience to make his label a huge success.

He currently has five incredible artists signed to Above Reality Records, including E-Major, Jay Read, Prodical, Baby Bain and John Virgo. And he’s only just getting started. The label is always searching for new talent, offering emerging hip hop artists the chance to be signed to a successful label, play live shows and get their music out to fans across the globe.


 Above Reality Records


And that’s not all. Above Reality Records also boasts its own recording studio based in Howland, Ohio, where artists can hone their sound and produce massive tracks. The studio not only provides for the label's own signings, but also offers recording, production, and mixing service to many, many up and coming artists. 

With the help of Record Label in a Box, Above Reality Records has gone from an ambition to reality. Chris Leyda is truly making his marking on the music industry, and we’re sure he’s destined to go from strength to strength as he signs more and more ground-breaking artists to his label.


You can check out Above Reality Records here.


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