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Record Label releases new ‘100% free music’ business model

Spinnin’ Records has released its new ‘Spinnin’ Premium’ subscription service to listeners in which it offers gated timeframes for free downloads.

The EDM powerhouse explains: “Spinnin' Premium is a 100% FREE subscription-based sublabel of Spinnin' Records. We offer our Spinnin' Premium members an exclusive 2 week period of free downloading our latest Spinnin' Premium releases.”

What’s in it for the label?

Listeners can legally and freely download a number of tracks in exchange for just their email address, which helps bolster the label’s email database and give crucial insight to their core demographic.

Spinnin’ have introduced the freemium service with ‘Ghostchild’, an innovative record by Firebeatz and Apster, featuring Spree Wilson on the vocals.


The Future of Free Music

The news comes following Martin Garrix’s announcement that all of his future releases will be free to fans - using the music solely as marketing collateral for other revenues like live shows and festival slots.

"The music industry is changing rapidly," said Spinnin’s CEO Eelko van Kooten. "Focus is shifting from paying for your music to streaming and other freemium models." 


Your thoughts

The Dutch label’s move is certainly a bold one, but has a lot to prove. Is it a move in the right direction? Will it work and is it good or bad for independents? What do you think?