26 May 2017

Record Label of the Month: Watchman Records


Returning to our label showcase series, we spoke to the Director of new independent dance label Watchman Records, Martyn Hollinshead, to find out how is supporting, promoting and releasing music for upcoming electronic artists, as well as the challenges he's faced when setting up the label. 




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Watch the video above or read on to learn more about Watchman Records.


Director of Watchman Records Martyn Hollinshead:


My background in music developed from setting up a society for electronic music here at the university. I basically found a load of people who were interested in what I was interested in, dance music, and brought them together. We worked with local artists, DJs, and people who just like the music.


We built a brand, a radio show, managed to get an internship with Chase & Status' label and MTA records. Finally, it gets to 2016 and we discovered Record Label in the Box.


I've been toying with the idea of starting a record label for quite some time, but there are so many things about setting it up that are so intimidating. You know, having to go to a company's house, going to get a business bank account, registering everything. But the box really does take a lot of the work out of that. It allows you to get off the ground and start running with it.


I would say the most helpful aspect of the box has been the dashboard. Being able to use that and have everything in one place. To be able to see how the sales are doing, and to be able to just manage everything inside one suite is so fantastic.


Definitely being able to use things like the contract suite has been really useful. I mean, you look at some of these contracts and you see all of the legal information and it can be daunting. But the contract suite allows you to not just generate contracts, but explains it and it helps you to break down the terms and to really sign the deals that you want to sign and to get them all right the first time.


The main idea behind Watchman Records it's just simply a way for us to share the great music that we've heard and really push it to new audiences. We're obviously still quite new, but we've had a couple of good successes so far such us signing Leiwaan.


We were really really happy when he decided to join us, because he's got a really good following online. You know, he found a really good vocalist Annely Black. When we heard the track, "Stay," which is one she sang on, we were just blown away by it. It really puts chills on the back of your neck.


Next up there is Phoreeses, and he's a drum and bass artist who's actually from Australia. We just put out his two track single called, "Digital Light Droplets." Managed to find a YouTube channel, a promotional channel, that picked it up and actually put it out there and it got a good few thousand views which is still climbing now. Quite a lot of good responses and likes and comments, which were all really positive. We definitely know we're onto a winner with him.


The third artist I'll mention is Seany D. Seany D is another drum and bass artist. He's really, really good at what he does, and he's going to be putting an EP out with us later this month called, "Talk Less, Grind More." Sean is also the co-host of our radio show, Native Radio, which airs on Siren FM. That's a dance music show that we do on Sunday nights.


The music industry can sometimes come across as very closed, as if all the doors are closed, and unless you're signed you're not going to get your music anywhere. But obviously that's no longer the case.



Do you want to set up and run your own independent record label? Record Label in a Box was created to help budding music entrepreneurs establish their own label. Find out more about Record Label in a Box.