14 Aug 2015

Record Label management system


Record Label In A Box online management system


After you’ve started your record label as a viable business…. what next?


We wanted to create a unique online experience that brought together all the physical, tangible assets of RLIAB and added a whole new aspect.  In a conscious effort to provide the best user experience we hired a new team of front-end specialists to work on the architecture, feel and look of the online experience.   Once we had the right feel we realised we had a powerful tool we could use to give labels the most support and up-to-date information.  Over the course of 3 months we imagined hundreds of potential ideas of what labels would find beneficial.  This was drilled down and developed into the essential assets.


The RLIAB portal is a powerful label management tool.  Manage and create contracts, find the latest events to attend, build your contact list, access the Expert Forum, apply for a start-up loan….. the assets are broad yet exactly what you need.