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Rdio Launches In The UK and France to Rival Spotify

Rdio have announced today that they will be bringing their ad-free streaming platform over to the UK and France. This announcement coincides with Spotify’s new iPad app launch, emphasising the fierce rivalry that the two services look set to enjoy.

The US streaming service is owned by the creators of Skype. It allows users to listen to a limited amount of material for free each month, with the option of upgrading to a paid subscription in return for unlimited, ad-free music.

Their subscription model is much the same as Spotify’s, with £4.99 giving users the basic unlimited package and £10 giving them the premium service.

As always, we at Ditto Music will upgrade all our artists on Rdio to these new territories free of charge. As one of the only independent distributors to offer Rdio to our artists, we are extremely excited by this news as it offers a fantastic opportunity for our artists to gain some more exposure.

If you are not already on Rdio, upgrade your release from the dashboard or create a new one here.

Head over to to start listening now.