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Rdio Considering Incentivising Artists To Sign Up New Users

US subscription service Rdio is considering offering financial rewards to artists who recruit new users to the platform. Details of how the system would work are still unknown, but it is thought that artists would have to encourage their fans to listen to their releases via Rdio, therefore bringing more users to the site.

There are various figures flying around as to how much artists can make from this, with up to $10 per new subscriber being reported. There has been a mixed reaction to this news, with some slamming it in the name of reckless commercialism and ‘selling out’. However, many have reacted positively, suggesting that it is a great new way for artists to make money out of the notoriously un-lucrative streaming and subscription model.

Critics have suggested that it will be hard for Rdio to get bigger artists on board, as they are likely to want a stand-alone endorsement deal.

What do you think? Would you be happy selling your fans like this?

Let us know below.

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