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Q & A with Yanni Burton

Australian singer/songwriter and bassist - Yanni Burton released his debut EP SameOldLove in April 2014. Now after 10 years he is bringing his music back to the Homeland. Ditto Music caught up with him to find out what he is most looking forward to on his Australian tour, meeting John Legend & Michelle Williams and 'reveals' his embarassing music moment.  

"I finally understood that love is a universal human experience.  So it took me 22 years and an EP to realize that Love is a beautiful, innate thing."


Q1. You're a great bassist! What first drew you to the instrument?

Well I had no idea what a bass was until 5th grade when my middle school music teacher decided I was to be the bass player in orchestra! I mean it didn't take much convincing, hardly anyone played it, it was massive, played real loud, and my parents where skeptical...I was sold! 


Q2. You released your debut EP Same Old Love in 2014. Your songs have a beautiful lingering love feel. Where did you draw your passion from?

Love has always been something I've been interested in. Growing up, love seemed inaccessible, something that could only be achieved between a guy and a girl. I always hoped for it and wanted it, but I had no idea it would actually happen. When it did finally happen it was so intense, so real that I started writing about these experiences. I then realized my experiences and stories were no different from everyone else's experiences with love. I finally understood that love is a universal human experience.  So it took me 22 years and an EP to realize that Love is a beautiful, innate thing.
Q3. Your Australian Tour is kicking off soon. What are you most looking forward to?

Yes!! I'm so excited, there's so much I'm looking forward to. I'd have to say bringing my music back to my homeland after 10 years is what I'm most excited about. I've spent almost a lifetime abroad making music and performing, it feels like a full circle and I couldn't be more excited to share my music with my home Country! That and seeing my NY band mates totally freak out when they see the ridiculously massive spiders that live in my family's house in Melbourne. 



Q4. You have played in some amazing venues like Carnegie Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, Metropolitan Room and Alice Tully Hall, to name a few. What has been the most memorable show of your career and why?

I think my most memorable show of my career would have to be playing bass at Alice Tully hall for John Legend and Michelle Williams. I'm a huge Legend and Destiny's Child fan and they were such incredibly talented artists to work with. I kind of had a moment when I met Michelle, I almost died, but then she went ahead and tweeted me, so I double died, literally lost the plot. 


Q5. Have you had an embarrassing music moment?

You know I haven't had too many embarrasing music moments yet...fingers corssed it stays that way but....there was an incident where I was listening to music that lead to an embarrassing moment... I was sitting there watching my friend perform in a Broadway show, and I was feeling a slight "draft" lights come on, I'm sitting there spread eagle, and I realize there was a giant hole in my pants, and for some reason i was going commando that day...I mean it was embarrassing, and there was music happening, probably more embarrassing for the dancers and singers onstage who where polite enough to not say anything ;)


Q6. What is a piece of music, song or artists that has continued to motivate you as a musician?

This is a tricky one, there is so much beautiful music out there that gets me going. I think out of all music genres and styles, I love cinematic scores, I guess mostly becasue the idea is to draw you in and enhance the experience of the story that you are watching unfold. Most recently I've been obsessed with Hans Zimmer's score for Intersteller. For me he really hit the nail on the head with relating the music to such powerful human experiences of love, loss and time and its impact on us. 


Q7. We like to get some words of wisdom to share, what is some advice that has helped you?

Two things - Practice practice practice. Secondly, just do what you gotta do, A) because ain't no one going to do it for you and B) It's what you want to do, so do it, and don't let anyone tell you that you cant!
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