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Promotional Team Achievements - October

October has been a busy month for our inhouse PR team which is groing from strength to strength. This month has seen the a great mix of radio pluggin, PR wins, social and media and campaigns which have helped raise the profiles of the independent artists. 


Emma Ballantine - Glamour Magazine


Natalie McCool - Drunken Werewolf & The Skinny 


 Hatchem Social - Beat 



Radio Plugging

Everywhere - Juice FM Brighton Play  


Sound of the Sirens - BBC Radio Cornwall Play & Brooklands Radio Interview


Social Media

Race the Horizon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- 21% increase in engagement rates since the start of the campaign
- 70% fan increase on Instagram
- Support through their rebrand from 'The Mend'


Death of Hi Fi

- Over 1000 video views on Swim Away Facebook video
- After heavy social media promotion their single Swim Away charted on the Electronic charts


Store Promotion

MMXJ - Vevo Placement


Lucy Neville - Vevo Interview


If you're interested in a promo campaign for your music, then head to our dedicated music promotion page.