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Play Ireland's KnockanStockan Festival this Summer!


KnockanStockan is an Irish independent music and arts festival, that has now been running for 6 years, and has collected numerous festival awards along the way. 

It all began with the idea that musicians needed to group together to share, showcase and ultimately celebrate their music with friends in order to crack the elusive music industry. 6 years on, and this small boutique festival has grown to host a huge 140 acts over multiple stages.

Want to be a part of the fun?

Great news - KnockanStockan is looking for new independent acts and you have up until April to submit your band. You'll need to head to their website here, and submit all of the required details in the scrolling box, including all band details, biography, links to social media - the usual!

Applications close on April 1st, and winners must be available to play the festival on the 26th-28th of July, at Blessington Lakes, Wicklow.

Get applying and become a part of this amazing festival!