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Play A Music Festival In France: Apply Here For MaMA festival

Unsigned artists are being welcomed to apply for MaMA festival 2013.

MaMA is programming 100 showcases and more during 3 days, 50% of the line-up is reserved for international bands. As a gateway to the French music market, bands will have the opportunity to play in front of a large number of French and international delegates as well as a Parisian audience.

We like this opportunity as MaMA are paying each artist for their performance. Payment is up to 130 Euro's per show PLUS a buyout of 15 euro's each. Even though this may not completely cover the costs, you should be looking at other ways of helping fund the trip.
Make sure that you are collecting your PRS for shows. PRS can be anything from $15 to thousands, but you HAVE to claim it. If you need any advice on this you can mail us at
Another idea is booking gigs around the same time as MaMA. Contact local bands and find some who are interested in gig swapping.
Can you help a French band find gigs in your area? If so then they may also be able to help you source extra shows at the time of the festival. There are lots of possibilities but be quick, you don't have long to apply.

Click Here to apply through the online form and from your friends at Ditto Music - Good Luck!