24 Aug 2016

Planning a seasonal release or song for a special occasion? Here


Christmas, popular sporting events and other major holidays are particular popular times for musicians to release new music, and we’ve had lots of requests from artists asking the best way to schedule their seasonal tracks for maximum success. To help clear things up, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you plan your next seasonal release.


Make sure you're next seasonal song is a success!


Scheduling your go-live date


Good timing is essential when planning a release for a specific occasion. We’d recommend scheduling your go-live date at least one or two weeks before the corresponding event is due to take place. For example, if you’re planning a release for Christmas, make sure your song is live on the major music stores by the third week in December at the very latest. 

Remember, it can sometimes take between two and four weeks for your music to go live in the major stores like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, so take this into account when uploading your music to Ditto. Also, Christmas is a particularly busy time for new music, which also has the potential to cause delays due to a backlog of new tracks. Upload your songs well in advance to avoid any chance of unavoidable delays affecting the timing of your release.

If you want to achieve the best possible sales total, it’s a great idea to use some of the exclusive tools available to you through Ditto Music. iTunes Pre-Release is a particularly useful service, as it allows you to start racking up sales through pre-orders in advance of your release date, giving you the best chance of breaking into the charts.


Promoting a seasonal release


Whether you’re releasing a song for Christmas, Halloween or any other public holiday or special occasion, it’s important to start promoting it early.

While starting promotions too far in advance could be overkill, we’d advise beginning your campaign around 2 or 3 months before your release date. This will give you plenty of time to maximise your PR and radio plugging efforts, allowing the best chance to get your song featured in music publications and on the radio, where your fans are most likely to hear about it.


The key to releasing a song for a special occasion is timing. Make sure to allow plenty of time to plan, promote and schedule you release to avoid any unexpected problems or delays.