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Pirate Rock with Melbourne's Secret Tsunami!

Have you heard of Pirate Rock? Neither had we, until we met frontman/songwriter Casey Dean of Secret Tsunami-  whose sound has been compared to the sub-genre. After checking out their raucous brand of folky rock, we whole-heartedly agree with the comparison! They had the crowd singing along, shanty-style, dancing, cheering, spilling their beer – basically having the time of their lives to the new music hybrid, which contains a huge helping of originality and yet throwback references to the carefree whiskey-swilling days of yesteryear. 



We interviewed Casey about Pirate Rock, festivals, the Australian music industry and more:


1. If you could curate a one day festival, what 5 bands would you have on the bill and where would it be?

Turns out i’m actually running a festival in my home town of Beachport SA this boxing Day! It’s called Beach Box 2014 and we’re just going through that sort of thing at the moment…Ideally id get Nirvana, Nick Drake and Stone Temple Pilots but i think the odds of that are pretty low.


2. Was the song ‘hero of war’ inspired by a specific historical event?

Originally written by punk band ‘Rise Against’, its one of the main reasons i decided to put Tsunami together in the first place. From the moment i heard it, i had to be in a band that played that song. Is that a historical event?


3. When you begin the origins of a song does the melody or lyric or idea generally come first?

There’s no set rule i abide by. It really comes down to the environment i’m in at the time. Some tracks develop through a melody i develop over years, some through hardcore studio sessions and some jump out in moments when its the last thing you’re thinking about. Its a chicken and the egg scenario really.


4. Do you think Australian bands have the ability/opportunity to compete with acts from the UK and US on the global stage?

It depends on the genre of music and who you ask. In my personal experience, its a simple case of numbers and geography. There’s nowhere as many people in Australia as there are in the UK/US. Less people means less venues, and less venues mean less opportunity. Couple that with the sheer size of this Island and the amount of $$$ it takes to get a full band from one state to the next, it can be tough. But that can also be half the fun too…


5. What would you change about the music industry?

I’d stop letting people who have never been to a good rock show from making decisions that negatively effect people trying to put on a good rock show.


6. If you had one last night in melbourne, which venue would you go to, which local band would you see and what are you drinking? 

I’d go watch either Tim McMillan and/or Trent Hamilton at the Espy on a Monday night. There’s a night there called Monday’s Covered and it kicks ass.


7. When and how can we see/hear your music? ie gigs? spotify?

Thanks to you lovely folks at Ditto, we’re on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play store and about every other online musical distribution point you can find!


We’re just about to announce a new run of shows so keep your eyes on and just like network television news, it will tell you what you need to know.


8. What advice would you give to young bands and artists coming up? and have you received any along the way?

If you don’t get nervous before a show, you’re not doing the right shows.


9. Whats better, sex, drugs or rock n roll?

All three at the same time.