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Panel of Industry Experts announce the UK's Best MC of 2011

BEST OF THE BEST: UK MCs 2011...And The WInner Is...

A panel of music industry experts were brought together at the end of 2011 to decide on the UK's finest MC. The panel was comprised of the urban scene's most relevant taste-makers including MTV The Wrap-Up's editor JP, senior staff writer at Rewind Magazine Nadine Scott, Radio 1 and 1Extra DJ Charlie Sloth, GrimeDaily's CEO Posty, music journalist Hyperfrank and b>SBTV's music video director Morgan Keyz.

The experts took into consideration 5 criteria to come to their decision. This included -

MCing Ability; a rapper's flow and lyrical content
Buzz; they had created throughout the year both online and on tv, as well as street hype
Acclaim; including praise from dj's, journalists and importantly the fans
Charisma; setting trends, introducing new styles and elevating the scene in the UK and lastly
Impact; a rapper's influence both commercially and on the underground scene.

Did your favorite MC make it into the Top 10?

10 - D.V.S and Blade Brown (tie)

9 - Krept & Konan

8 - Skepta

7 - Lowkey

6 - Ghetts

5 - Giggs

4 - Chipmunk (Chip)

3 - Professor Green

2 - K. Koke

1 - Wretch 32

So while he may have been criminally overlooked for a Brit Award this year, sometimes recognition from people who know what they're talking about can mean so much more. Wretch 32 undoubtedly had an incredible 2011 and anyone would be hard pushed to argue with the panel's choice as Best MC of the last 12 months.

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