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10 Top Instagram Tips For Musicians

July 29, 2015  

We all know what Instagram is, and what it’s about. But did you know that it’s an important social networking tool that you’re probably not getting the most out of? Here are ten Instagram tips for musicians to integrate your photos and images into a successful social media strategy ...

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Ditto Music review by Louisa Wendorff

July 16, 2015  

Louisa Wendorff distributed her music using the Ditto Music Chartbreaker Package. She reached number 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and number 2 in iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart with her first release. Louisa has recorded a review of Ditto Music to tell you what she thinks. Check out Louisa' ...

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How to get your free Apple Music Artist Profile

July 14, 2015  

Apple have launched a new social media platform called Apple Music Connect for artists to engage with their fans on iTunes. The new service is completely free to set up and allows you to customise your iTunes profile by adding photos, videos, upcoming gigs, reviews and loads more. Like other s ...

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5 Features Every Band Website Should Have - Guest Blog

July 8, 2015  

As an independent musician, there are a few things you need to have in your toolbox. One of the main tools you should have is a good website that shows potential fans and industry professionals that you are committed and dedicated to what you do. As someone who works with artists on a daily basis, ...

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How to earn the most money as an independent musician [Infographic]

June 17, 2015  

As an independent musician, a lot of the time you’re making music for the passion; you love what you do and it loves you. But there comes the time when you need to ask yourself “how am I going to make a living out of this?” Which is what we thought here at Ditto Music – so w ...

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9 Facebook Hints and Features Every Musician Should Know

May 20, 2015  

Many musicians still believe that engaging on Facebook and other social media platforms is a waste of time – time that they believe should be dedicated to making more music. The question is: If no one knows you’re out there, what is the point of making and posting the music? In view of ...

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How bands should manage their social media presence

May 6, 2015  

It goes without saying that in today's social media dominated world, maintaining an online presence is an absolute must for every musician or band. Whether you're a busker or a stadium filler, successful band social media management can not only improve the relationship with your current fanbase but ...

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Why You Should Be Using Spotify Ads

April 27, 2015  

You already know that people use Spotify for one main reason: they love music. Using Spotify ads to promote your own music ensures that the people you’re advertising to are the people who could actually make a difference. More people listening to your tracks mean more visibility, which ultimat ...

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How To Get Your Music on Tidal

March 31, 2015  

March 30th was an important day for the music industry, as an all-star cast came together to launch Jay Z’s new artist-owned music streaming service Tidal. We’re proud to announce that we’ll be distributing music to Tidal starting April 1st. Tidal is a subscription-based streamin ...

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Why Every Artist Should Have Their Videos on VEVO

March 19, 2015  

As a support advocate for Ditto Music I am often asked: “Why should I distribute my music to VEVO when I already have a YouTube channel?" Firstly you have put your creative energy into creating visual content for your fans. You've spent your hard earned money and put your time and effort into ...

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