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Case Study: Starting a Record Label

October 16, 2015  

We've heard plenty of positive stories from our RLIAB customers since launching, but Michael Edward - Director of Elevant Music Limited - stopped by the Ditto office to offer some advice on running a record label, to discuss how he's using it to release his own music and to talk about the amazing op ...

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Making Your Own Music Video - DIY Guide

September 16, 2015  

Let’s face it: the internet is a visual medium. Despite the popularity of music streaming sites like Spotify, nothing has the reach of YouTube, and Vimeo is also growing in popularity as people seek out new entertainment. So if you’ve got a great song and you really want to get it out th ...

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How Ditto helped Sigala launch a #1 Hit

September 11, 2015  

Ditto Music have recently been involved with helping breakthrough dance act Sigala to the top of the UK charts by getting their VEVO channel set-up and video published in double-quick time. Of course we had no problem pitching in and the VEVO team got down to business to ensure that this year's dan ...

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UK Opportunity: Apply to play at The Great Escape Festival

September 11, 2015  

Applications are now open to play at one of the UK's finest music festivals attracting music industry folks from all corners of the globe that is set to return in May 2016. The Great Escape welcomes new and breakthrough bands every year and acts as a stepping stone to bigger things for many th ...

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The Ins And Outs Of An Artist Management Deal

August 28, 2015  

Ready to sign your first management deal? Our friends at Studio Legal have put together their Top Tips on Management Agreements for Musicians and it's well worth a look! So your band has started to gain some traction, new fans, radio play and maybe even a few managers have come out of the woodwo ...

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Record Label in A Box featured in The Times

August 27, 2015  

We have been blown away by the media response to our latest product, Record Label In A Box. We recently spoke to The Times to discuss why RLIAB is so exciting for the music industry and the product was put through it's paces by a journalist eager to join the music biz. The Times article ...

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Independent artist grabs funded trip to the US via Record Label In A Box

August 21, 2015  

Making contacts and developing relationships are the life-blood of the music industry. You need to be at the right place at the right time with the right people. But as a newcomer or someone wanting to grow their label - where do you begin? Record Label In A Box was created with those problems in ...

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Start-up loan for your record label

August 19, 2015  

Record Label In A Box access to start-up loans Ten years ago when Ditto began as a record label releasing local music the main stumbling block was lack of investment funds. It was the same in the 1950’s, its the same today. A record label is a business and needs funds to move forward. S ...

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Record Label management system

August 14, 2015  

Record Label In A Box online management system After you’ve started your record label as a viable business…. what next? We wanted to create a unique online experience that brought together all the physical, tangible assets of RLIAB and added a whole new aspect. In a conscious e ...

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Music networking events calendar

August 11, 2015  

Record Label In A Box events calendar Growth and success in the music industry comes down to a few things, one of those is ‘who you know’. 3 years ago when we began designing RLIAB we looked at how we could extend the network of our labels, introducing them to new people and new are ...

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