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Pacific Releases Self-Titled EP

Pacific released their debut self-titled EP today, full to the brim with infectious hooks and forceful rhythms. Pacific have nurtured and developed an impressive collection of songs to present on their debut release.

After spending 12 months in the studio jamming through concepts, Pacific’s five-track debut is a confident foray into the Australian music scene. The Pacific EP was recorded in only six days with Chad Blondel at Foxhole studios in Perth, Western Australia.


Lead single, ‘Edge of Nowhere’, is a dynamic and fitting introduction to Pacific’s sound. It’s catchy, with soaring vocals and a driving rhythm. Determined to create a unique sound, Pacific explored all avenues and techniques to achieve the exact tones and sounds they were looking for, no matter how unorthodox.


The second track ‘Fade Away’ is an example of how Pacific used unusual methods to achieve their required sounds - the subtle intro beat to ‘Fade Away’ was achieved by crawling under a piano and slapping a laptop bag on the studio floor, and the slightly oriental-sounding tones in the hook were created by forcing thumbtacks into the piano hammer felts.


These idiosyncrasies help to create an interesting, unique and well-rounded debut release, that will no doubt pique the interest of many. 


Pacific have plans to bring their EP to the stage and will announce live shows shortly.


Pacific EP now available on iTunes | Follow Pacific on Facebook