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Over a Quarter of US Adults own a Tablet or eReader

A new study, held by Pew Internet has shown that 19% of adults in the US own a tablet, and 29% of all adults in this country own either a tablet or an ereader device.

This outstanding advance in tablet ownership has jumped massively from 10% - 19% between mid December 2011 and early January 2012. That is a substantial amount of tablet devices given as Christmas presents. Furthermore looking into specifics, as no new iPad was launched during the festive time it is safe to assume that although Apple will have done very well over the holidays a large chunk of sales of these ereaders would be attributed to Amazon's Kindle and the Barnes & Noble's Nook line. Confirming this both companies have reported exceptionally good holiday sales with Amazon stating that "Last Black Friday was the best day ever for Kindle"

So as these devices become more ever day house hold items will desktop and laptop computers begin to become irrelevant for domestic household use?