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Our Fed Square Live Competition Top 5

We put the call out to musicians to enter a competition to play our next Fed Square Live show on February 4th alongside Luke Biscan and Chris Pickering. We were amazed with the response and couldn’t pick a winner so we’re leaving it up to you!

Fed Square Live runs every Thursday afternoon through the warmer months and Ditto Music will host 2 more shows on February 4th and March 3rd. As part of the Melbourne office's commitment to support local Aussie musicians, we put this competition together to allow an indie artist an opportunity to play in front of hundreds of potential fans.


The big prize up for grabs


The winner receives a 30-minute set at our show on February 4th, a $100 playing fee and a Chart Campaign package that includes worldwide distribution to iTunes, Spotify, Shazam and hundreds of other stores, worldwide chart registration, SMS keyword (for UK fans only) and a pre-release campaign. The total prize is valued at $250 and you will even get a featured write-up in our blog and newsletter!


We were inundated with entries to this competition and we were blown away by the calibre of artists who entered. So much so that we couldn’t pick a winner on our own so we’re leaving it up to the fans!


Each day we will be doing a spotlight on one of the artists on our Facebook page and we will be tallying up the likes across the blog post and spotlights, to determine a winner. The lucky winner will be notified on February 1st if they’re successful. 


Below we have our top 5 finalists and here's what they need to do now:

1. Share this blog post and artist spotlight on their Facebook page and tag @ditto music

2. Get their fans to like and share!

3. Vote below!


We will then tally up the likes, shares and votes to determine our winner. Good luck!


Ditto Music Fed Square Live Competition Top 5


Loren Ryan
Loren is an up-coming young female artist from Tamworth, NSW, who can best be described as a sweetie. Her music is a mixture of RnB, Pop, Hip-Hop and Reggae.
Demi Louise
At just 22, Demi has shunned the typical music industry route in favour of growing her fan base more organically by travelling the world and performing live shows wherever she can.
Diamonds of Neptune

Indie-rockers Diamonds of Neptune are supremely catchy and, from all reports, they also put on a spectacular live show.

Fluir started out as a folk singer, but has since moved into a more indie-pop artist. Her music is perfect for a summer’s day.
Kelsie Rimmer

Kelsie Rimmer is one of those artists you instantly take notice of. Her music in poetic and insightful, and her stage presence is mesmerising.

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