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Online Conference: Music Launch Summit

The Music Launch Summit is a world first online conference where over 40 influential music industry experts will give their insider knowledge and best tips for making it in the music industry.

There are over 40 Music Industry Master Classes designed to help launch successful careers within the music industry. The classes are streamed online from the 13th of September until the 2nd of October with a focus on crafting the best strategies for a launch, whether its your first or your fifth. 


Ditto’s own Sarah Hamilton will be a part of a video masterclass called "Navigating Your Digital Distribution, Marketing Strategy & a DIY Label”. Sarah’s masterclass will be streaming on the 21st of September.


Some of the other masterclasses include Jennie Sager from Twitter, Cassie Walker from Peachy Entertainment and Mel Krause from The Push/Freeza, Tim Price from Collusion Course PR and Benji Rogers from Pledge Music.


It is streamed free for 3 weeks from the 13th of September.

For more details check out Music Launch Summit