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Noise Festival - Apply Now from anywhere in the World!

The noise festival is different to most festivals. It's online, it's about showcasing talent from all different creative fields, and anyone from across the globe can apply.   noisefestival3 What you need to do, is create an online portfolio - which is a positive thing for you as an artist at any rate, but can also lead to you being selected and handpicked by creative pioneers such as David Byrne, Badly Drawn Boy, and other artists who push the boundaries in their selected fields. If your work is selected, you are then promoted globally. You will receive a tonne of exposure, from an entirely credibly creative source. There are also numerous events and exhibitions that you will then be invited to partake in, across the UK and Europe. The NOISE 2014 Open Call for Submissions is now open, and closes July 6. This is also a great opportunity to network with other artists, see what other artists are doing on a global scale, and connect with like-minded creative people. Nothing to lose right? Here's how you get your portfolio started and apply. All submissions are accepted here: