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New Sonarflow App to Personalize Discovery of Music

There is a lot of content out there. Approx 20 Million titles in stores like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. People discover music by a number of means but often revert o listening to those already in their libraries over and over again. However, a new app called Sonarflow seeks to personalize the discovery of content with the launch of a visualized discovery experience through Spotify.

Sonarflow works by giving recommendations dependent on a users taste and listening habits combined with a unique and zoomable visual user interface that allows them to engage with music and access it quickly. Users can zoom in and tap bubbles to play tracks, watch videos and find information on artists as well as search artists dependent on genre.

It differs from the traditional collaborative filtering-based music recommendation engines that are “limited to the short tail of the music catalog and leaves out 97% of the available content.” by employing acoustic audio matching based on rhythm, timbre and beat.

The technology takes audio content, metadata, user preferences, and social relations into account and is the basis for the visual organization that Sonarflow offers.

Sonarflow for Spotify is a free app for Spotify Premium users and will soon be available for download in the app store.