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New Social Music Platform: This Is My Jam

This week a new social music website has caught the attention of the music industry and the Ditto Music office. The wonderfully titled This Is My Jam’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It allows users to tell their ‘followers’ what song is currently rattling around their skulls at any given time – and that’s pretty much it.

It’s all very simple stuff. You sign up, search for your ‘Jam’, the site finds the content from The Hype Machine or Youtube, and you Tweet or Facebook it to the big wide world.

Founder Matthew Ogle (who was previously employed by Last.FM) told the NME in an interview last week that he set out to make his site more personal than other social music platforms like Last.Fm or Spotify’s Facebook plug-in. He suggests that with these people can broadcast so much music so often that the songs that really matter to them get “lost in the deluge”.

He has a point. When my Facebook feed shows hundreds of people listening to an unfathomable amount of songs on Spotify I find it hard to care about any of them. If I can see the one song that my friends can’t get out their head then I’m much more likely to check it out.

The best part about This Is My Jam and the reason it is going to do so well is that you can write little comments about each of your Jams. These days everyone fancies themselves as a reviewer, and TIMJ provides the perfect platform for people to do so without feeling foolish.

At the moment TIMJ is still in beta and as such as invite only. If one of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers has an account then you can sign up. Otherwise, you just have to wait until the official launch in the coming months.

Head on over to to check it out.

Mike Townsend @townsendyesmate