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New Service: Amazon On Demand

Get Your Music On Amazon On Demand!


Contrary to popular belief, physical CDs are far from being extinct. Many music lovers still go out of their way to purchase CDs for many reasons – for the tangibility of the product, album artwork, or just personal preference. By not having physical CDs available, you could be missing out on sales!


Another plus to having physical CDs available is that you become eligible to be distributed to Pandora. With over 80 million users in the United States, Pandora is a great way to reach new fans. While Pandora is selective about the music they stream, the first step to being eligible is to have a physical CD with 2 or more tracks available.


Instead of going through the hassle and paying manufacturing costs upfront, Ditto will soon be able to give you the opportunity to let you offer fans physical CDs on a made-to-order basis through Amazon On Demand. You artwork will be printed onto the disc face in full color, you’ll receive full-bleed audio CD covers, double-sided tray cards and inserts, and packaged in clear cases and finished with a folded, cellophane-type plastic over-wrap.


No need to worry about paying upfront for manufacturing costs – costs are simply deducted when a CD is ordered. Pricing is as follows:


Frontline 13.99

Midline 11.99

Catalogue 9.99

Special 8.99


By using this service, you’ll receive a 40% return within 3 weeks on all sales.


Contact for more information.