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New iPhone 4S and iOS - 5 Tips To Promote Your Music

New iPhone 4S and iOS - 5 Tips To Promote Your Music
The new iPhone 4S was launched yesterday to worldwide excitement and huge press coverage. Alongside was an updated operating system for the iPhone. If you have an iPhone 3GsS, 4 or 4S you can install this for free from October 12th.

Now i'm going to give you 5 tips on how to promote your music for free using the new iOS 5.


1) iMessage

This is a Group Messaging service and means you send out messages to some or all of your contacts. It uses WIFI/3G so it's free. You can send out messages, videos and locations. So why not promote your gigs to your fanbase? Send a message out with the gig announcement, a video of your band inviting them and even the location of the venue. You can chat with your fanbase in real-time and they can share their media too. On your iPhone it is built into text messages and on iPad it's a separate app.

Twitter Integration

2) Twitter Integration

Now Twitter is even more integrated into your iPhone, you can tweet directly from maps (to advertise your gig), safari (to promote your website) photos (to share with your fans) and much much more. As Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify said recently 'fans are twice as likely to spend money if you can engage them'. The more you share with your fans the more they will trust and reward you. Check my blogs here and here for tips on how to get more fans using Twitter.

Airplay Mirroring

3) Airplay Mirroring

Share whatever is on your iPad 2 onto the tv screen behind the stage. Record your own videos of the band or whatever piece of video you feel works with your music and create a multimedia show.


4) One-Click Camera/Editing

Alongside your increased use of Twitter, you will be becoming more 'engaged' with your fans. With one-click photos (even when the screen is locked) you can capture those amazing moments you only get by playing in a band. Then you can edit them on your device, tweet them, upload them or do whatever you like to share them with your fans. OR you can use these new amazing photos and....


5) Instagram Your Amazing Band Photos

Instagram is a free photo-enhancing app that can make pretty much any picture you take look really cool by applying a choice of filters. You can also blur and frame your photos before you share them via Twitter/ Facebook/ email/ anything and of course the Instagram social network too. You can comment on the photo so put a hashtag and your band name and you will soon start building a set of pics on Instagram (eg type #myband within your comment). As a guide, here are some pics I took with my phone then uploaded via Instagram (user name is ceomattparsons).

New iPhone 4S and iOS - 5 Tips To Promote Your Music

By @ceomattparsons