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New Gear Hire Service Everywhere Roadie

We recently caught up with Kate Bradley, the founder of Everywhere Roadie to have a chat about how the new gear sharing site works and how it can benefit musicians.

Firstly, tell us about what Everywhere Roadie is about.

Everywhere Roadie is an equipment-rental service for musicians. The service is designed as a sharing marketplace and works by enabling musicians to rent gear directly from other musicians, where and when they need it. Those musicians then get paid for the rentals. By connecting musicians with musicians, Everywhere Roadie enables members to reduce their expenses, and to make some money on the side by listing their unused gear.


How did you come up with the idea?

Being musicians ourselves, we’ve all been in the situation where we’ve completely bust the bank on hiring gear when we’ve played interstate our out of town and often thought, ‘Oh god I just wish we new people here we could borrow gear from!’


For me, being a guitarist, I had found it too expensive to fly with my amplifiers. So, when touring nationally or playing internationally I had to either hire equipment or source gear through a band or venue. It just was such a costly exercise. Often where I was playing was not in close proximity to the backline supplier so then I’d need it delivered, which was another expense. Then when I'd source gear through bands or at the venue I'd often be using amplifiers that were a different brand or model from my own and I couldn't always get the sound I wanted. We knew that we weren’t the only ones who had encountered these challenges!


So, the idea initially was about helping musicians like myself to access a bigger pool of gear for shows or recording and helping people make connections.  


I also work in technology and was familiar with the concept of sharing marketplaces so then I thought perhaps the concept of musicians sourcing from peers could be a solution. 


How can artists use your service; both as the hirer and hiree?

Artists or suppliers can become members for free. People who are hiring out their gear (Lenders) just need to have a PayPal account (Premier or Business, which is also free) to accept payments. Lenders are able to set the hire fee and can list as much gear as they want.  There’s also the option there for Lenders to deliver the gear for an extra fee, or have it collected by the hirer. So there’s a lot more flexibility involved with delivery and collection times.


What kind of gear can be hired through the site and are there any other services available?

Members can list all sorts of gear and services.  Along with instruments, we have people listing PA’s, DJ equipment and lighting, as well as members listing themselves as sound engineers, stage techs and session musicians.


What advice would you give musicians wanting to use the site for the hiring of, or hiring out, their gear?

Firstly include a photo/s. It’ll boost the visibility of your listing and increase the chances of someone wanting to hire your gear.  Include information on your gear, such as when it was last serviced, re-strung etc.


Include a photo of yourself on your profile and information on who you are or what you do, who you play or have played with. 


And finally, protect your gear. Same as you would get contents insurance for your home and car insurance for your vehicle, we suggest that you insure all of the gear you intend to list for hire.


To get involved with Everywhere Roadie visit their website or check out their blog and Facebook.