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New Facebook Insight Tool. How To Determine The Value Of Your Facebook Fan

Lee Parsons

CEO Ditto Music @ceoleeparsons

You may have noticed a new counter on your Facebook fan page saying “ xx people are talking about this”

Facebook launched a new feature called “Insights“ yesterday, making it easier for you to track your interactions and measure your page ranking. You can now determine the true value of your fan.


Why Are Facebook Promoting This?

Facebook wants to show you the value of your fan page being talked about BEYOND your network of fans and get you away from the idea of just having increasing numbers for the sake of it.

Things like page likes, page mentions, photo tags, timeline posts will all be tallied up and divided to determine how viral your page has become. The more you are being talked about, the higher quality of fans you have.

How does this benefit me?

One of the issues with Myspace was that artists could have 100K friends but when it came to releasing music online, this did not equal sales. The quality of fans simply wasn’t there.

Music recommendation is the biggest sales mechanism at the moment. By using Facebook correctly you can use your friends' influence and encourage them to recommend your music to their friends.

What do I need to do to get my facebook score up?

Quite simply you need regular, quality posts over a period of time with plenty of interaction. When labels or managers are looking at your page, this no longer gives you the option to fake it with fan numbers. Make sure you monitor your feedback and write posts that will encourage comments and likes. This will give you a good Feedback score with will increase your "who is talking about you" rank.


Your fanpage ranking will be determined by how involved your page fans are.

Take this opportunity to concentrate on building quality facebook fans and getting people as involved as possible. Do not just post about yourself. Post things that people will be interested in talking about. Remember, you are not trying to instantly sell to your fans, you are building a community of people that trust you.