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New Distribution Opportunities for the Indie Market

Deezer have launched 6 new Telco distribution opportunities that are now available to all Ditto Music customers. If your release is already on Deezer then we will automatically ensure you can take advantage of these new opportunities, and if you are not you can upgrade any release to Deezer HERE.

The new Telco opportunities allow different mobile provides to offer Deezer subscriptions to their customers, this means that you can monetize new fans in different countries who stream music to their mobile phones. These include:

Belgacom - Belgium, Luxembourg

Orange Africa - Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Cameroon, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa Republic

Deutsche Telecom / T - Mobile - Austria, Netherlands, Germany

Telenor in Europe - Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary

Telenor in South East Asia - Thailand, Malaysia

Orange / France Telecom - Poland

So by submitting to Deezer you can capitalise upon these streaming markets and new territories, also with the African countries becoming newly available and currently no iTunes stores in place this is one of the few ways to gain revenue from this expanding market.