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Name Your Label 2.0

Welcome to Name Your Label 2.0

Register A Record Label. Get More Record Label Support With Ditto Music.

By registering your own record label you will have a unique platform on which to promote and release your own music.

From your label listeners can associate themselves with a brand that has been built and personalised by you. You can use your label as a tool to promote your releases, giving them a sense of credibility that comes with the endorsement of a record label whilst retaining complete control. All promotion and marketing can be performed under the guise of your label, leaving artists recognised for their music and nothing else. The ability to release your own music on your own label gives you the control and independence that is invaluable in the ever changing and increasingly DIY climate of today’s music industry. As major record labels become more unstable and less influential, owning your own label in conjunction with our distribution service provides commercial and artistic security, giving you the ability to bypass major record labels, management and promotion agencies to reach the ears of your audience directly.

Office hours email and telephone support will be available to you should you require it. As part of our label registration service you will have access to a label liaison officer who can offer consultancy advice on your current and future releases, ensuring you are marketing and releasing your music in the most effective and efficient way possible. The label liaison officer can also suggest appropriate promotion tools such as pre-releases, regional trends and touring to make sure your music is reaching the widest and most suitable audience it can.

Furthermore, by registering your label with Ditto Music you will be able to enjoy a 10% discount on all of our services. This includes Chart Registration in all regions, which makes your releases eligible for the UK and International charts whilst receiving 100% of any airplay royalties. This discount can also be applied to services such as SMS Keywords, pre release and CDDB registration, to all subscription packages and many more; all of which will give your releases a better chance to prosper.

If you would like more information, then do not hesitate to email where a label liaison officer will be waiting to assist you, or simply click the PayPal button below to create your label now.