11 Aug 2015

Music networking events calendar


Record Label In A Box events calendar


Growth and success in the music industry comes down to a few things, one of those is ‘who you know’.  3 years ago when we began designing RLIAB we looked at how we could extend the network of our labels, introducing them to new people and new areas of the industry.  For many artists and start-up labels they imagine an invisible giant fence in between them and the ‘industry’.  So how do we break down that fence and invite our artists and labels to every music industry gathering?


We spent 2 years speaking to event organisers, regional and national bodies, industry organisations and more finding out where and when the best events are so that our labels could attend, grow their contact list and really push their business forward.  


Within the online events calendar you will find every music industry gathering, every recommended training event, every conference, party and behind-the-scenes happening.  You can search via location within a specified radius and RSVP to whatever you want to attend.  Soon we will launch SMS alerts, personal calendars and much more to help you manage your music industry life.


Events Calendar