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Music Funding: UK Opportunities

Creative Scotland and Young Scot have launched their new Nurturing Talent - Time to Shine Fund to support all those aged 14 to 20, who require financial aid in developing their talent within the creative industry.

Am I eligible?
As long as you're aged between 14 and 20 years old and live in Scotland, you will be able to apply.

What is available to apply for?

Individuals can apply for up to £200 in funding.

Groups of two or more people can apply for up to £750. Details of all group members should be included on the application form and the majority of the group should be aged 14 to 20.

What kind of thing can I apply for funding for?
Financial support will be provided to individuals and groups to help nurture talent through:
• Artistic Development (such as auditioning, training, participating in a workshop, work shadowing, mentoring);
• Promotion and showcasing (such as staging an exhibition, recording a demo, marketing a performance, publishing written work); and/or
• Peer-to-peer delivery (such as hosting a workshop, setting up a local group).

The next deadlines for applications are:

• 8th February 2015
• 12th April 2015

Location: All Scotland

For further information, please contact or visit

The deadline is Sunday 08 February 2015 at 12:00.