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Massive Growth for VEVO Means Aiming for 200 Million Streams in Australia and New Zealand

2015 has been a big year for streaming service VEVO, receiving 100 million monthly streams in Australia and a whopping 12 billion worldwide.


After officially launching in New Zealand late last year, there has been a reported 14% year on year growth across both Aus and NZ in June this year, and 6% year on year growth since December 2014. Australia and New Zealand have streamed 147 million times between them, with Australia reaching 115 million streams on its own.


Nearly 50% of VEVO’s monthly views are being streamed on mobile devices and Smart TV’s (49.5% if you want to be pedantic) up from 42.5% late last year. This has increased advertising revenue, with Greg Tremain Commercial Director of Authentic Entertainment stating that:


“Brands want real engagement and connection and this is what VEVO offers…delivering the biggest audience and the biggest engagement…”


This means that major brands such as supermarkets, motor vehicle companies and subscription video services, among others, can utilise valuable targeting data and gain access to genuine advantages for their brand. This can only be good for artists already on VEVO, right?


With a 205% increase in VEVO’s monthly revenue in the past 18 months and with the platform dominating the top YouTube channels with over 40 of their own in the top 250, it’s no wonder there are rumours of a sale to powerhouses like DreamWorks Animation, Liberty Media and AT&T.


It looks like VEVO will reach the 200 million milestone within the next year, the only question is, will you be a part of it?


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