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Make Money from YouTube using Ditto Music

Playing a lot of gigs? Got a growing fan base? Great songs that people want to cover? Then make sure your songs are registered for YouTube Content ID.


Here's the boring part - YouTube Content ID is the fingerprinting of an artists audio by the video platform.


And here's why it's good for you - If fingerprinted, you get paid on any videos uploaded which include that song. This means if people film your live show and upload the footage to their channel, or if your fans attempt their own versions of your songs, you get money for it.


By selecting Content ID, we ensure your music is marked in YouTube's database and you receive any money that is generated from people putting your music to their video.


Content ID scans over 250 years of video every day in its search to ensure the rights holders are paid. It's generated hundreds of millions of dollars for its partners and 200 million videos have been claimed by Content ID. When purchasing YouTube Content ID please ensure that you already have a release uploaded through us at Ditto Music or purchase it at the point you are uploading a new release as we have to have the audio to be able to fingerprint it.


We're currently offering this service for just £49.