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List of Songwriting Competitions - Round 1 - USA

For the next 3 weeks we will be posting a list of songwriting competitions available in the USA, the UK and Europe, and Australia.

There are so many opportunities available to you and your band, and also you as a solo artist. There are so many components when creating music - and the songwriting part is obviously vital, but a lot of artists don't take advantage of the competitions out there which exist to support your creativity.

The following list is brought to you by our friends at ASCAP and includes the Billboard Song Contest, The International Songwriting Competition, The John Lennon Songwriting Competition and more specific contents that focus on regions of America, or components of songwriting like the American Songwriter Magazine's Lyric Writing Contest.

There are contests relevant to all genres including pop, rock, country, jazz, gospel, Latin, blues or dance.

To find out more about each contest and how to enter, head to the ASCAP website.