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Label Interview - Synth Babe Records

We had the pleasure of meeting with Anya (aka Ninoosh) in Melbourne, before she relocated to Sweden. She has started an electronic label called Synth Babe Records, which champions women who create interesting electronic music from Australia, and other parts of the world. 

Also an artist herself who releases under the pseudonym Ninoosh, Anya has released 'Palms', a debut single and insight into what is to come. 

The track was released on March 30 on International Bipolar Day, as the song covers this subject, and Anya's own experiences, which were also shared on popular website Mamamia

We spoke with Anya bout her label, her inspirations, and what she has coming up. 


Tell us about synth babes - the premise, why you started it and what you hope to achieve. 


Synth Babe Records has been a concept that's been swimming in my head for a bit and was launched late last year after some encouraging words from the likes of Jessica Hopper and Jen Cloher from Milk! Records. Sometimes it just takes a little nudge! 


It aims to champion women making music with synths and bursts and give a platform for these artists to explore the music they want to make, not what the industry thinks is a good idea for them, which is rooted in making money. Artists like Björk, Fever Ray and Robyn all went the independent route and created their own labels and I'm doing the same. I can't believe that Björk STILL gets questioned about her contributions on her own productions! Women make great music and have actually been instrumental in the development of electronic music, with the likes of Laurie Spiegel and Delia Derbyshire, who were early pioneers in electronic music but aren't usually as acknowledged.


It's not a traditional record label, more like a collective. I hate the idea of artists not owning the copyright to their own music and It wasn't until I actually finished my EP under my moniker Ninoosh and was thinking how to get it out there that I thought it was good timing to start this thing! Artwork from Aaron Billings has given the label a strong identity and artwork from my sister Julia Trybala will feature with the releases. 


You've recently moved from Melbourne to Sweden - why the change? Any Swedish artists we should look out for?


I've been living a life in a bit of limbo for the last seven years after meeting my partner, who is Swedish. We have moved a total of 13 times back and forth and have finally made the decision to settle here for the long term. The lifestyle is lovely - there is a real encouragement of creativity in the culture, which attracted me to the place. Plus, I LOVE snow. I learnt Swedish last time I was here but was really lazy keeping it up. It has come back pretty darn quickly though being surrounded by it. I was linked in to The Fleurs a few months back on twitter and met with them last week in Stockholm - love their sound, quite dark and brooding, so we might work with them as artists on the label. I want to start small though, see how it goes! Other Swedish artists I really like include Alice Boman, Timbuktu, Adrian Modiggård and Laleh. And if you haven't heard - Fever Ray is the bomb (although she has been around for awhile)


We love the concept for your project of 100 samples in 100 weeks - can you tell us about this idea and why you've undertaken it? What do you hope will be the outcome of this? 


I listened to a lot of music from Baths, Apparat and Nicolas Jaar over the summer and they seem to use natural sounds sampled blended with instruments, which I love. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I recorded my surroundings and then import them into Ableton (a magical piece of software!) and also sample from my synths, drum machine, trumpet and voice to create a big bank of samples that might generate songs and other inspiration. It's pretty experimental but it really motivates me to dedicate more time to my instruments and make samples I can use in a live setting. I will also make them available for other producers to use in their pieces and see what people come up with. Always fun to share. 


It's a 100 samples but not really time limited - I might to three in one week and then one in two weeks, but at least one a week! You can find the first sample at my blog - - or my - I post the samples for download from my Dropbox at my FB and Instagram pages - 


If you could collaborate with any 3 artists/producers in the world (alive or dead) who would they be?

The Knife, Gotye and Baths


What does 2016 hold for you and Synth Babe Records?

Well, first we need to figure out where we want to live! Probably Malmö at this stage, although living in the countryside (currently in Sandsjöfors which translates to sand/lake/stream) at the moment is pretty special. 


I'll be launching the EP Town of Two Hundred under my moniker Ninoosh in June through Synth Babe, but the single Palms is out now on all the digital platforms with a remix from Glasfrosch. It would be great to start playing live around the continent, maybe aligning with other Synth Babes! I put on a few shows last year in Melbourne called An Electronic Feast which brought together electronic artists, so might do the same thing in Sweden. It'll be interesting to see what the 100 Samples project encourages as well. We might align with a Swedish company like Substitute Music Group to help grow the fanbase here. Maybe come back to Australia next summer if gigs materialise, who knows. Just keep on working hard.