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Keep An Eye On Josh Cashman

We speak to singer/songwriter Josh Cashman about his incredible 2015 and what's planned for 2016.


You hail from Gippsland, Victoria (not sure where exactly) tell us about the music scene there. Are there many opportunities for up and coming artists?


I'm from a country town called Sale. There was a lot of live music over weekends around town in the local pubs and cafes, but mainly all pub bands playing your classics from 'Summer of 69' to 'Jessie's Girl'. It wasn't particularly a scene for original musicians. So early in my performing days I would play a lot of cover gigs, and once I grew out of that, I knew there wasn't going to be to much for me there because I was wanting to write and perform my own music, so I moved to Melbourne.


You released 'All About You' through Ditto Music in October, tell us a bit about that song. What's it about and how's the reception been since it's release?


The song was inspired by a past relationship, where selfishness becomes portrayed and you're told "it's all about you all the time, all you care about its yourself" (I don't believe I was like that). Its definitely the slower perhaps ballad song of mine, and as a single, it's had some really positive reception, both from a listeners perspective and also was my first song to get on the radio. A lot of listeners have interpreted the creation into their own perspective/situations and I have received numerous messages and emails to tell me so, it's pretty overwhelming. 


You’ve since received some Triple J and community radio play; can you give artists out there an insight into how you got airplay?


Self promotion/publicity is a very hard but crucial part of getting your art out there and I'm still learning so much every day. I sent numerous emails, press releases, MP3's and even hard copies of CD's, and after some persistence, there where people who saw my passion and saw something in my art to want to send me in the right direction of getting my work out there. I was introduced to a great PR team who where very helpful with the release of the single, enhancing the amount of AirPlay I gained and introducing my work to sources I would not have been able to do so myself. Nothing ever did nor will happen overnight, persistence and timing can be everything. 



You recently played the Queenscliff Music Festival alongside Aussie icons like Hoodoo Gurus and Angus & Julia Stone, tell a bit about that experience.


I remember when I first found out I was on the lineup and I did a little (big) dance in my room. Angus & Julia Stone had been favourites of mine from such a young age and and it was quite surreal being named on the same festival lineup as them. I kind of still think to myself "how?", but then remind myself that there is progression happening for myself as an artist, and they would have been in the same pool one day. The festival itself is one of the best festivals I've been to (even as a punter) and to be a part of it last year was one of my greatest musical milestones to date. 


If you could play any venue or festival in the world, where would it be and why?


Very hard question because there is so many. In my hometown of Melbourne it's a dream of mine to perform at The Forum Theatre, it's such a beautiful and iconic space and have seen many favourite artists of mine there. In regards to festivals, I couldn't look past Coachella! 


It’s the start of 2016, so what have you got planned for the year? Any releases or tours you can word us up on?


I have a single set to be released in March, and following that is an EP midway through the year. I will be touring a lot with both the single and the EP. I also have my first interstate shows and festivals including Nannup Music Festival in Western Australia (March) and Hotel Brunswick in NSW (Feb). I'm super pumped to release new music, I'm really happy with the direction my art is heading in, and can't wait to get it out to as many listeners as possible and perform the songs live in many different places. 


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