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iTunes AU/NZ Single of the Week - IZZY BIZU

This week our featured artist is West Londoner, Izzy Bizu - who was also selected as iTunes Australia and New Zealand's iTunes 'single of the week' - one of the most highly coveted pieces of real estate in the musical world, as iTunes in the world's biggest music retailer, and this spot is the only way you can have a free track on iTunes. It's downloaded by tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of hungry music consumers each week, and there's a different slot available in each territory.

Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our artists do well.

Here is iTunes' description of Izzy's soulful sound:

Izzy Bizu claims Ethiopian heritage on her mother's side, but the West London songstress' music taps even more directly into the exploratory broken-beat scene of the late 199s. 'White Tiger' capitalises on this open-minded cross-cultural blend by pairing a rousing, spiralling piano motif with rhythmic finger snaps, fortifying the tune with danceable energy and forward momentum. Over this catchy arrangement, Bizu's skewed vocal tics flirtatiously skip around the instrumentation, creating an instantly engaging, playful sound.

The reviews have been extremely positive, with one fan exclaiming that this is one of the best single of the week free downloads ever.

Congrats to Izzy Bizu, and thanks to our friends at iTunes!

If you're in Australia or New Zealand, check out the song and download it here!