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iTunes Announcement - Get Your Music On New iTunes Stores

iTunes Music Store is now in 12 new European countries. This means when you sell music on iTunes with Ditto Music your release will be on sale in even more countries - and all for free. So if you want to sell music online, Free iTunes Distribution with Ditto Music now goes even further.

New iTunes Music Stores

What Does This Mean For Artists?

Quite simply, your music goes on more stores meaning more potential fans have access via the biggest retailer in the world, Apple's iTunes. For any artist the most important question is 'how do i get more fans?'. With your music on more stores there is more opportunities for your music to be heard, downloaded and loved. Along with the wealth of Ditto Music blogs to help you promote yourself and free iTunes distribution to all stores.

What Shall I Do Next?

You can sell your music on iTunes for free with Ditto Music, so sign up below and start planning your release. We are the only company to offer Independent/Unsigned artists iTunes pre-release. We've had 11 UK Top 40 hits with unsigned artists and all have used pre-release. Find out more about pre-release here. It's a great way of getting even more sales and more fans.

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iTunes announcement - Get Your Music On New iTunes Stores